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RVB phase of hydrogen at high pressure:
towards the first ab-initio Molecular Dynamics
by Quantum Monte Carlo

Thesis submitted for the degree of
Philosophiæ Doctor

Candidate:    Supervisor:
Claudio Attaccalite Prof. S. Sorella

October, 24 $ {}^{\mbox{\tiny th}}$ 2005


I want acknowledge:

Sandro Sorella for his patience with me. In these years he taught many things but I spent enough time to understand them (especially his QMC code);

Irina Yegorova: My sweet ljubimaja, she corrected my thesis, and promised to listen to my presentation, poor girl;

Lorenzo Stella: My personal ``contarolo", since he helped me many many times. It's unbelievable, but he always has an answer to any question. I don't know if I have to thank him for his sense of humor, for sure, this halved the scientific production in our room;

Michele Casula: Because he was always ready to help me, and because I had a good collaboration with him (I'm not sure he will think the same), but I want to complain one thing about him: He speaks too little, and also his girlfriend agrees with me!

Tania Zykova Timan: Because she is whimsical, wayward and full of glee for the life. She often made me happy in bad moments.

Hamed Seyed Allaei: A very good friend patient and wise. He taught me English, and he is still continuing to do it at this moment. I want to complain about him that he never cut his beard.

Joachim Almergrin: Because he is always happy (I don't know how) even when he was fired, and because he was a master in knowing new girls and new friends.

Vittoria Colizza: My dear ``amichetta", I was lucky to live with her two times during this PhD, and I hope we will be always friends, I will never forget her strong character.

Sara Bertocco: My second "mamma", she always took care of me and helped in difficult moments.

Fabio Affinito: for nice internet chatting during these years.

Davide Ceresoli and Ugo Tartaglino: For the clarity and simplicity of their explanations, and for all the lunches together.

Erio Tosatti: For useful discussions, probably I should have discussed more with him.

The Roman Guys: Ciccio, Nicola, Piero, Adriano, Matteo, Laura, Luca and many others for good weekends spent in Rome.

My family, my sister and my brother: they always were close to me in these years.

Fabbio Giovi, Francesca, Sara, Stefano, Manuela, Evgeny, Oleg (for teaching me many bad russian words), Simona, Federica, Giacomo, Lorenzo, Chiara and all people in Adriatico caffetteria: Sandro, Patrizia, Tiziano and Lucia.

Cyrus Umrigar for correcting English of my acknowledgement.

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Claudio Attaccalite 2005-11-07