Rejected ANR projects

ANRSince I’m in France, I submitted different projects to the ANR and other funding agencies, and I must say, with little success. In this post I decided to publish and share some of these projects that have not been accepted. I hope they could serve as  a model to other researchers, or perhaps as an example of not successful projects 🙂

  • TeoFEL : A Theoretical Free Electron Laser
  • Rasmiter: A real-time approach to study materials subject to irradiation
  • Lumen: Light induced electronic re-normalization and optical transparency in bulk semiconductors and insulators
  • VELOCE: Ultrafast and non-linear phenomena at the nano-scale
  • NonLinear: Non-linear spectroscopy in solids and nanostructures
  • NOCturNE: Non-linear spectroscopy in condensed matter and nano-structures
  • NOCturNE bis: Non-linear spectroscopy in condensed matter and nano-structures
  • NIR emissing molecules: Toward Low Threshold Amplified Spontaneous Emission
  • THEODORA: Theoretical and Experimental Design of Opto-Electronic Properties of Advanced Materials for Photovoltaics and LEDs

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