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  • Rocinante (real-time version of Yambo)

    A special version of Yambo for real-time spectroscopy and non-linear optics.
  • Yambo Code
    Yambo is an open source Many-body theory software package for study solids and molecular systems. It calculates the excited state properties of physical systems from first principles. With Yambo one can calculate: 1) Quasiparticle energies wtih plasmon pole, COHSEX approximation or real-axis; 2) Optical absorption, RPA, Bethe Salpeter with or without Tamm-Dancoff Approximation; 3) Electron energy loss spectroscopy; 4) Dynamical polarizability
  • TurboRVB
    TurboRVB TurboRVB is a very efficient Quantum Monte Carlo Package for Electronic Structure Calculations, based on a geminal wave-function (AGP) and a highly accurate Jastrow factor containing both spin and density correlations. These ingredients allow to implement the fashinating ”Resonating Valence Bond theory” (RVB) of electronic correlation by Linus Pauling and P.W. Anderson, in a very efficient way.
  • Fiesta Code
    Fiesta is an efficient implementation of the GW and Bethe-Salpeter formalisms in localized basis-set. Fiesta adopts a recently developed auxiliary Gaussian-basis approach with contour-deformation techniques.
  • Fisici around the world
    Fisici around the World is an italian blog about science, maintained by a group of physisits.