The TIMES network

Advanced quantum materials, and ultra-fast phenomena are new areas around which the Aix-Marseille University will train European doctoral students to their high qualification through the Marie Curie actions. This has been resolved by the European Research Executive Agency (REA) in the last call ‘MSCA Doctoral Networks’.
In particular the CINaM and PIIM laboratory in Marseille will be part of this network

The TIMES doctoral network will be responsible for training a new generation of scientists capable of devising new theoretical and computational frameworks to simulate out-of-equilibrium phenomena, such as those that occur in solar cells when light generates an electric current. The project will study the dynamic processes that take place in advanced quantum materials, whose modelling is key to developing applications in quantum computing, information processing, photovoltaic cells, and optoelectronic devices for more efficient light emission.

The doctoral network brings together researchers with experience in physics, chemistry, materials science and computing, who will develop theoretical and computational tools for understanding quantum processes and emerging physical phenomena. To do this, TIMES will make intensive use of high-performance computing centres such as the TIRANT supercomputer of the University of Valencia or the CINECA high-performance computing centre, among other European high-performance computing centres. Network activities also include collaborations with leading ultrafast spectroscopy experimental groups.

More information can be found in the project website:

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