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Luminescence of hexagonal boron nitride explained

Luminescence of hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) has puzzled researchers for long time. In standard solid state physics textbooks direct band gap semiconductors are considered efficient light emitters while indirect ones are regarded as inefficient. Hexagonal boron nitride seems to defy this rule. In fact hBN emits light in the ultraviolet with an efficient comparable to… Read More

New poster on GW renormalization of the electron-phonon interaction

Here my new poster that I will present to the PSI-K conference on the GW renormalization of the electron-phonon interaction. In this poster I summarize results from different group that used GW approximation to correct the electron-phonon coupling obtained from the Kohn-Sham Hamiltonian. Thanks to these corrections it was possible to reproduce and predict different… Read More

“GW renormalization of the electron-phonon coupling” talk at the Correlation Meeting 2014

Thanks to Francesco Sottile the video of my presentation at the “Correlation Meeting 2014” is online. In this talk I explain how GW can be used to correct the electron-phonon matrix elements, and improve the agreement with the experiments as Raman, phonons, band gap renormalization, superconductivity, etc…