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Marseille Condensed Matter 2016: Optics and Magnetism

We are organizing the first “Marseille Condensed Matter Workshop” on Optical and Magnetic properties of complex materials from the 12th to the 14th September at CINaM (Marseille). The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers working on different research communities to promote exchange and share research experiences. More info can be found there:… Read More


This year I participated to the cake contest organized in Marseille for the PI-day.  Although my cake the PI-ramisù has reported considerable success I did not win the competition.  I enjoyed the PI-day, next year I will try again  to win the competition with a better cake. Here below a photo of the other cakes.  During… Read More

Theoretical Spectroscopy Meeting at Roscoff

The GDR-REST (Research group on Theoretical Spectroscopy)  is organizing its first general meeting from the 23rd to the 27th of May 2016, here the website for all details. The GDR-REST meeting aims to bring together different communities of theoretical spectroscopy which are/were historically separated, but unified under a very precise and important subject: the excited-states… Read More

Non­Linear Optics and Nanoplasmonics Symposia at the Psi-k conference

This year I organize the “Non­Linear Optics of Materials and Nanoplasmonics Symposia” at the PSI-K conference in San Sebastian, together with Myrta Grüning and Valerie Veniard. We selected the following people as invited speakers: Stefano Corni, FJ Vidal and Pablo García, Alberto Castro, Stefano Ossicini and Kazuhiro Yabana. I invite all people interested in non-linear optics… Read More

Computer Simulations for condensed phase systems: from correlated electrons to novel materials

    Dear Friends and Colleagues, in the occasion of Giovanni Bachelet’s 60th birthday, you are warmly invited to the workshop  “Computer Simulations for condensed phase systems: from correlated electrons to novel materials” to be held at the CNR Headquarters in Rome, on May 4-6, 2015. The talks, on invitation only, will be given by… Read More

“GW renormalization of the electron-phonon coupling” talk at the Correlation Meeting 2014

Thanks to Francesco Sottile the video of my presentation at the “Correlation Meeting 2014” is online. In this talk I explain how GW can be used to correct the electron-phonon matrix elements, and improve the agreement with the experiments as Raman, phonons, band gap renormalization, superconductivity, etc…

GW renormalization of the electron-phonon coupling

My new presentation on the “GW renormalization of the electron-phonon coupling” is available online. This is the talk I gave to the “Correlation Meeting 2014” organized by Pina Romaniello. In this presentation I show that GW corrections are important not only for band structure and energy levels but they also renormalise the electron-phonon matrix elements…. Read More