Welcome to the web page of Claudio Attaccalite!

I am a theoretical physicist working in the field of condensed matter theory. My research interests are:

  • Excited states
  • Optical properties
  • Real-time and time-resolved spectroscopy
  • Non-linear optics
  • Quantum Monte Carlo


  • “GW renormalization of the electron-phonon coupling” talk at the Correlation Meeting 2014

    Thanks to Francesco Sottile the video of my presentation at the “Correlation Meeting 2014″ is online. In this talk I explain how GW can be used to correct the electron-phonon matrix elements, and improve the agreement with the experiments as Raman, phonons, band gap renormalization, superconductivity, etc…

  • Non-linear response of low dimensional structures

    New poster on second and third harmonic generation in nanostructures. We studied SHG in two-dimensional crystals and THG in one dimensional nano-ribbons and nanotubes.

  • GW renormalization of the electron-phonon coupling

    My new presentation on the “GW renormalization of the electron-phonon coupling” is available online. This is the talk I gave to the “Correlation Meeting 2014″ organized by Pina Romaniello. In this presentation I show that GW corrections are important not only for band structure and energy levels but they also renormalise the electron-phonon matrix elements. […]