Welcome to the web page of Claudio Attaccalite!

I am a theoretical physicist working in the field of condensed matter theory. My research interests are:

  • Excited states
  • Optical properties
  • Real-time and time-resolved spectroscopy
  • Non-linear optics
  • Quantum Monte Carlo

Recent news

Theoretical Spectroscopy Meeting at Roscoff

Theoretical Spectroscopy Meeting at Roscoff

The first general meeting of the GDR REST

The GDR-REST (Research group on Theoretical Spectroscopy)  is organizing its first general meeting from the 23rd to the 27th of May 2016, here the website for all details. The GDR-REST meeting aims to bring together different communities of theoretical spectroscopy which are/were historically separated, but unified under a very precise and important subject: the excited-states… Read More

Reasonable parameters for Yambo calculations

Reasonable parameters for Yambo calculations

yambo code

Here I report some advices to choose reasonable parameters in order to converge different kind of calculations with the Yambo code. The following parameters are a reasonable recommendation. However you have to remember that convergence can be different from system to system, so you should check your calculations and not use the following parameters blindly…. Read More

Theory Seminars at CINAM (Marseille)