Welcome to the web page of Claudio Attaccalite!

I am a theoretical physicist working in the field of condensed matter theory. My research interests are:

  • Excited states
  • Optical properties
  • Real-time and time-resolved spectroscopy
  • Non-linear optics
  • Quantum Monte Carlo


  • Strong second harmonic generation in SiC, ZnO, GaN two-dimensional hexagonal crystals from first-principles many-body calculations

    We published a new paper on the second harmonic generation(SHG) in two-dimensional hexagonal crystals SiC, ZnO and GaN. The SHG is calculated within the so called GW plus Bethe-Salpter formalism, using a real-time implementation proposed by some of us. We found that these system present a large region with a strong SHG before the absorption […]

  • Exploring approximations to the GW self-energy ionic gradients

    A new paper is out on the different approximation in  GW  for the electron-phonon couping matrix elements. In particular we tested two approximation the static screening (COHSEX) and the constant screening respect to the phonon displacement. We found that the first approximation miserably fails to reproduce the G0W0 results while the second introduce a negligible […]

  • Graphene research is slowly fading away

    After the discover of graphene in 2014 by Geim and Novoselov that got the Nobel price in 2010, scientists have worked hard to investigate all possible properties and possible uses of this material. At the beginning graphene was proposed as possible candidate to substitute silicon in electronics, due its extreme high conductivity. However differently from […]