Tutorials for the Theoretical Spectroscopy Lectures

We will run two simple tutorials on linear response and second harmonic generation using real-time dynamics.
Wave-function for this two tutorials are already be generated and you can download them directly below.
The code used for the calculations is Yambo ( https://www.yambo-code.eu/ ) that you can download here:


or download the source  from github and then compile it:


and compile with the command:

./configure FC=gfortran F77=gfortran –enable-open-mp
make nl-project

or use Virtual Machines:

1) Linear response from real-time simulations:
wave-functions: BN_save.tgz
tutorial: https://www.yambo-code.eu/wiki/index.php/Linear_response_using_Dynamical_Berry_Phase#Setup

2) Second Harmonic Generation from real-time simulation:
tutorial: https://www.yambo-code.eu/wiki/index.php/Real_time_approach_to_non-linear_response_(SHG)

For people interested you can have a look at:

*) Correlation effects in non-linear response

*) Third Harmonic generation