Post-doctoral position : “Optical properties of 2D materials”( within the framework of the E.U. Graphene flagship)

postdoc1-470x260A 18 month post-doctoral position is available, from September 1st 2016, at the “Laboratoire d’Etude des Microstructures” (http:// in strong collaboration with the “Centre Interdisciplinaire de Nanoscience de Marseille” (, as part of the European Union Graphene Flagship project (

Since graphene takeoff in the 2000’s, the field of two-dimensional systems has been gradually enriched by new structures, such as hexagonal boron nitride, dichalcogenides or black phosphorus. Despite the progress achieved on each of these structures and the efforts currently invested on heterostructures made from different combinations of these materials placed on top of each other, the door is still wide open to explore new effects with active 2D materials. In particular, these nearly zero thickness materials exhibit novel abilities to generate, detect and broadcast optical signal which responses open for photonics several technological opportunities of high economic potential.

In close interaction with experimental partners in our group, optical properties of different 2D materials will be studied at the atomic scale using computer simulation. This requires the input of many-body theories which can be done using ab initio electronic structure calculations including excitonic effects (Bethe-Salpeter approach). Beyond such calculations, a use will be made of tight-binding models which provide physical insight and can be extended to complex situations.

Questions to be addressed concern interpretation of optical spectra, of the electronic energy loss spectra (Eels) and of their dependence on the number and arrangement of stacked planes.

Applicants should have a Ph.D. (condensed matter physics, materials science or physical chemistry) and strong experience in optical and electronic structure calculations and computer simulation techniques.

Qualified candidates should send their curriculum vitae and a description of their research experience and interests to Hakim Amara ( and Claudio Attaccalite (name of thi

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