• laureate of ANR Young Researcher funding for the NOTISPERF project.
  • 24th ETSF workshop in Jena.
  • Yambo fait peau neuve! (June 2019)
  • Paving the way toward third generation photovoltaic power?
    The coupling between the electronic and atomic degrees of freedom plays a key role in several physical phenomena – not only in the superconductivity of materials. By investigating and manipulating the effect of this coupling researchers hope to discover – among others – new and more efficient sources of renewable solar energy.
  • Yambo on the PRACE magazine: a joint collaboration on electron phonon of A. Marini, E. Cannuccia, M. Voros and A. Gali (2013)
  • Mix and match ,Guanhui Gao, Wei Gao, E. Cannuccia , et al., Nano Lett. 12, 3518–3525 (2012) Nature Nanotechnology, research highlight (2012)
  • Carnevale della Fisica: Partecipation of our blog Fisici per il mondo at the conference held in San Marino 25th-27th September 2012